we dreamed to offer high-quality business Apps at fair prices – and the journey began with the launch of the AapKiApp App.

The biggest advantage AapKiApp offers is speed, your business can launch its own app connected to its data within 72 Hours along with the best design and user experience.

AapKiApp diminishes the process of learning or configuring any additional software or tools.

Change - An Opportunity

Following the technologically advance methodology of work, we embrace change, welcome it and create opportunitieswithit.


We aim to WOW our customers, be that with value for money, intuitive software, or unmatched customer service.

Out of The Box Thinking

We are fast paced, quick learners and always work with innovation. We believe in creating faster solutions our customers and their business needs.


We believe in fun at work and ensure that the work is not boring. Fun is the souk partner of creativity, so we work hard and enjoy harder. Spreading love to everyone connected to us in every way.


We strive to continuously make progress, go live and keep moving forward. Progress is important – we always make sure to DELIVER in stipulated time.